Lofty Lou

a mother and daughter artist duo from iowa

in the beginning...


Lisa Rasmussen began her business Lofty Designs when she was freshly out of college with a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Design. Her primary goal at that time was to focus on calligraphy, matting, and framing. After Sarah began her jewelry journey, Lisa changed some of her focus from these prior mediums to a new exploration in jewelry and mixed media design. Lofty Designs discontinued matting and framing in 2013 and since then has traveled to shows exhibiting her unique jewelry designs with Sarah.


Sarah Rasmussen began her jewelry business when she was only 9 years old. She discovered her interest in this art form while learning the skill in order to take it as a 4-H project. She began creating beaded creations for all of her friends and family members, finally realizing that she could make a profit off of her artwork. Sarah has evolved her side of the business into beaded creations, as well as photography and mixed media artwork. 

Lofty Lou was born...

After a entrepreneurship seminar in 2017, Sarah called up her mom Lisa and brought up the idea of fusing Love, Lou Lou and Lofty Designs into one business. The immediate business name that popped into Sarah's head was Lofty Lou, and we decided to run with it. Sarah and Lisa had been traveling in the midwest (and even Florida) selling their products to a range of audiences together since 2004. Although this was a successful business venture, it was sometimes difficult to get across to people that we were 2 people with 1 goal: to spread art and put smiles on people's faces [at a reasonable cost]. Working as a mother/daughter duo is something that neither of us take for granted, as our special artistic bond is something that not many people are able to experience. 

Another funny side note: when we were designing our new logo, both Sarah and Lisa sat down on separate occasions, with their own sketchpads and pens, and drew out designs we thought would be neat to have. The logo that was chosen (pictured right) was a drawing that BOTH of us had in our sketches, without even knowing or communicating the idea. It incorporates the barn and the heart from our previous logo designs. 

Lofty Lisa

Sarah Lou