Love, Lou Lou

Original Jewelry, Photography, and Artwork by Sarah Rasmussen

My Slogan

I am Sarah Louis Rasmussen. I am a fierce, fun, fresh, fabulous, farm girl from the heart of Iowa with a passion for my creative side.

My Mom

A mother/daughter team sharing their passion for design.

My Mother, Lisa Rasmussen has always been a partner in the Love, Lou Lou business. We work together on the jewelry half of Love, Lou Lou. Lisa is an Art and Design Graduate from Iowa State University, and has her own business, Lofty Designs. To learn more about Lofty Designs and Lisa Rasmussen visit her Facebook page at!

History of Love, Lou Lou

Love, Lou Lou was originated when owner Sarah Rasmussen was only 9 years old. It began as simply a jewelry business in which she created original jewelry to sell at a hometown arts festival with her mom Lisa. Now that Sarah is growing older, she has decided to branch out from just jewelry, and has added her love of photography and various other art forms to her business.

         Sarah's Future

Sarah has completed three full years at Iowa State University, pursuing a degree in Psychology with a Design Studies minor. Sarah would like to continue her education after her undergraduate degree at a university in Chicago, with hopes to become an Art Therapist. This will combine her long-time love for art and helping people. 

It all started with 4-H...

Just a little plug for my favorite organization in the whole world. As a 9 year old, I decided I wanted to turn my love for making jewelry as a hobby into a business. I first took it as a 4-H project, and began selling at the local Farmer's Market. I had so much fun, I continued to grow and develop into the small business I am running today. I could have never done it without the goal-setting and communication skills that 4-H taught me. My favorite word has become "networking" because through 4-H I have learned to treasure relationships with customers and the ability for those relationships to play key roles in running a business in a small town.